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Custom Instagram account design
I usually make templates for editing in Canva. They can also be used on a computer at But you can also make a ready-made set of posts for a month with your content plan.
What's Included
Post Templates
Depends on the concept, usually about 30 pieces.
Stories Templates
12-15 pieces.
Highlight icons
According to your list, usually about 10 pieces.
Font selection
Color matching
Posts per month
You provide me with your photos. If necessary, I process, combine in the feed with templates and stock photos.
Working process
You write me that you want a custom design
I will orient you on the timing, because the employment is different.
I send you a link to the brief - this is a technical task for the designer. Please be very careful when filling it out, it greatly affects the result. I do not start work without a fully completed brief and a discussion of your wishes.
I work on a prepaid basis, if we have not cooperated before.
I get to work
We can discuss the details beforehand, sometimes at this stage I show references (landmarks). We will agree the dates with you in advance.
I am doing one option. As a rule, if the brief is filled out completely and we have discussed the details, one option is enough. This is my area of responsibility.
Feedback from you
We make corrections if necessary. Edits also cannot be endless, as a rule, we fit into a maximum of 3 large edits and several small ones.
If the design does not suit you at all, I make another option, taking into account the wishes.
I give you all the files and instructions
It is very important to send me all the materials if the account style should be combined with the existing corporate identity, colors, logo, etc.
If you did not provide these materials, and then remember about them, then the work is considered completed.
What happens if you don't like the result
We clarify the brief with you, which does not meet your expectations. Next, I create the second final version within the agreed timeframe.
If there are a lot of edits or you change your mind in the process of work, further edits for an additional fee.
The cost of an individual design for an Instagram account
Write to me in direct.